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«In the calls for municipal elections that take place before 2011, the provisions of article 44 bis will only be enforceable in municipalities with a number of residents greater than 5,000 inhabitants, applying as of January 1 of that year the figure of inhabitants provided for in the second paragraph of section 2 of article 187 of this Law. “

The Organic Law 6/1985, of July 1, of the Judicial Power is modified, in the following terms:

One. A last paragraph is added to section 1 of article 109, which is as follows:

“1. The General Council of the Judiciary will annually submit to the General Courts a Report on the state, operation and activities of the Council itself and of the Courts and Tribunals of Justice. Likewise, it will include the needs that, in its opinion, exist in terms of personnel, facilities and resources, in general, for the correct performance of the functions that the Constitution and the laws assign to the Judicial Power. It will also include a chapter on the impact of gender in the judicial sphere. “

Two. A new paragraph is added, inserted between the first and the second, to section 3 of article 110, with the following wording:

Three. In article 122.1, after the “Qualification Commission”, the expression “Equality Commission” is added.

Four. An article 136 bis is added that will integrate the new Section 7 of Chapter IV, Title II, Book II, initialed as “Of the Equality Commission”, with the following wording:

1. The Plenary of the General Council of the Judiciary will elect annually, from among its Members, by a three-fifths majority and taking into account the principle of a balanced presence between women and men, the components of the Equality Commission, which will be made up of five members. .

2. The Equality Commission must act with the assistance of all its components and under the presidency of the member of the same who is elected by majority. In the event of temporary impossibility or justified absence of any of the members, they will be replaced by another Board Member, preferably of the same sex, who will be appointed by the Permanent Commission.

3. It will correspond to the Equality Commission to advise the Plenary on the necessary or convenient measures to actively integrate the principle of equality between women and men in the exercise of the powers of the General Council of the Judiciary and, in particular, it will be responsible for preparing the reports rules on gender impact of the regulations and improve the parameters of equality in the Judicial Career. “

«All the selective tests for admission and promotion in the Judicial and Prosecutorial Careers will contemplate the study of the principle of equality between women and men, including measures against gender violence, and its cross-sectional application in the field of the function jurisdictional.

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