dating rules for men: The actual 15 Issues An individual Ought to In no way Carry out

In Korea, it never hurts to show that you are in love!

This may be one of the aspects of the culture of Korean couples that can surprise us the most. It is common to see couples on the street wearing similar shirts, or even wearing the same style or complementary styles. This conjunction also reaches accessories such as cell phone covers, caps and even earrings.

This aspect does not occur in all couples, but its occurrence is not strange. It often happens that a person, when starting a relationship, cuts ties with their friends of the opposite gender. There is still the conception that, if you have a partner, you do not need to have a relationship with other people of the opposite gender, as this can cause problems and your priority should be your partner. It is convenient to repeat that this type of thinking does not occur in all couples, but it does have a notable impact.

By communication we don’t just mean talking during dates. For most couples, being in frequent contact via mobile is a fundamental part of the relationship. Talking about how the day is going, what you are doing or sending photos to your partner are part of the day to day in a relationship. In reference to mobile messages, there is a characteristic difference: when someone else gives you their number, in the West there is an unwritten rule that you should wait a reasonable time to write but… In Korea it is the opposite! The normal thing is to write shortly after to show that you are really interested in the other person.

Previously, the responsibility to pay fell on the men, who had to invite everything that took place during the appointment: lunch, dinner, dessert, etc. However, more and more couples decide to spread the cost of dating. Thus, one of them will pay for the meal, while the other will invite you to a coffee with cake for dessert.

Being in a relationship can be a difficult task that requires a lot of commitment. Even so, Koreans are very dedicated in the relationship and want everything to be controlled and perfect, for this they like to remember certain important dates for the relationship to last.

In this post we have collected some of the stereotypical characteristics of the existing culture around couple relationships. Therefore, not all couples fulfill all the points. For example, the use of couple rings occurs in almost all couples, while combining clothes is not as widespread, especially outside of young couples.

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