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ono immense professional and sometimes financial human energies that we have a duty to exploit. We have a duty to ensure that these Sardinian citizens far from our island can somehow make a concrete contribution to the development of our society. They want to give it, they want to make available to us and to our rebirth all the professional and human experiences they have acquired over the years living in complex and modern societies. This law while taking steps forward in this sense does not collect these messages, and it is a serious damage.

Our abstention vote means that we hope that in the future the Regional Council and this Assembly will take charge of giving substance to an initiative to enhance these professional energies and these human experiences, which cannot be underestimated, perhaps in another bill. Our position is always in favor of emigration; but today times have changed, the suitcase tied with string no longer exists: the emigrants are Sardinians of the first, second and third generation who only ask to work for us. We therefore ask the Executive to take these things into consideration and we marvel at the fact that the Assembly has suppressed an article of the law, which we too had supported with particular interest in the Commission, relating to aid for the marketing of products; it was a timid sign of the desire to see Sardinian citizens abroad as bearers of requests that could be useful to our land, of initiatives including economic ones to favor our development. We are very sorry that this article was rejected by the Chamber a little while ago: we believe that a more positive attitude towards these issues is essential. For these reasons, we maintain our abstention and ask for a commitment to this effect for the future.

MANCA (P.C.I.). Mr. President, Honorable Councilor, we Communists are convinced that the meaning and values ​​of ethnicity cannot be contained within the geographical borders of Sardinia but represent a bond, a thread of continuity that unites the Sardinians who live within the ‘Isolates with those who have abandoned it, not because of their fault or responsibility, but because they are forced by the underdeveloped situations of their region. To strengthen this link, those values ​​need to be relaunched and strengthened. This is why we would have liked the debate around a proposal of this importance to acquire a completeness that we do not register at the moment.

The previous left-wing council had put in a great effort of discussion, elaboration, verification, comparison to arrive at a legislative instrument that was able on the one hand to collect all the proposals that came from the world of emigration and from The other is to combine them with the interests of the Sardinians and the political forces of the island who are represented in this Regional Council and organically express the interest of the Region. That was not the case! The phase activated by the previous left-wing council was followed by a second phase in which the debate was less widespread, in which perhaps more exclusions than presences were noted. All this when expressing the final judgment on the text of the law cannot fail to have significant political weight. For this reason our dissatisfaction is great, even if we grasp the positive fact of the proposal.

We would have liked the old Council to be summoned and heard on this text, for example; the objection that the council has advanced is that the council has no more title at this time because its organs have fallen. We say that the political will could very well have compensated for this, that a way could have been found in any case to broaden the debate and to collect all that positive at this moment has been expressed both in the press and through personal stances. or of the different organisms.

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