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I for one, following the proposals of the council of last July, have allowed myself to be induced to approve these formulations of the law.

Here I did not want to make it very long. The overall opinion that we express at this moment is exactly that expressed: our Group tends to substantially change the contractual relationship with regional employees, moving towards a relationship that we believe is better considering the structure that already has the employee contract Regions with ordinary statute and local authorities, which allows a better division of responsibilities among employees and, above all, the concrete possibility that derives from a decentralization of functions together with staff towards local authorities. This is the trend, on which I believe sooner or later we will have to measure ourselves in the Regional Council.

It would not be bad if at that point there was – how to say – more complete information on the state of the administration-employees relationship from the council; the other deficiency we had to notice is, in fact, that there is no information. When we want to deal with a particular topic or even of a general nature but which involves certain parts only of the employee contract, we come across measures that intersect in such a way that it is really difficult to read. I do not believe that this depends on the fact that we are not able to read the legislative provisions and that the others are capable; I think we are good at reading them because this is our – sorry for the term – profession; however we would like them to be written better, more linearly. Instead, there are rules that contrast with each other, which always allow that gray area whose various interpretation allows one to be favored and the other to be disadvantaged; this also puts the legislator in difficulty. So a first work, let’s call it a delegation, preparatory to a new way of looking at relationships with our employees.

I also believe that we must strip ourselves of a fear: that among employees the belief that this is the best contract in the world now prevails; I don’t think they think so! I do not believe it because the pressures to which we are subject, as well as express the human desire to improve without too much effort in the employment relationship but this happens not only for public administrations, it applies everywhere; regional employees are not special in this, far from it, they are like all employees in this world, including us when we act as such, they probably testify to a state of suffering that derives as if to say from a bad relationship with the public administration, with the regional administration.

I recall only one small detail; the provision on the pension fund, which was not, fortunately, contrary to what a colleague who preceded me said, suppressed by the first Commission. Yes, it really is a matter of luck or bad luck! The second Commission in evaluating this article from a financial point of view said that yes there was coverage for what concerned the contributions to be paid by the Region, but that forecast gave rise to a possible, not certain, upheaval in the life of the fund itself. The thing, I must say, personally worried me very little because the fund is already distorted in itself; absolutely not a real fund of quiescence which lives, as it were, on its own energies; it is totally dependent by now, we know it very well and especially those who have been sitting longer than me in these benches, know it from the contribution of the regional budget. Which constitutes, as it were, a contradiction in itself: it cannot be so, this situation absolutely cannot persist! But, on the other hand, we cannot even carry on this situation in which the Region intervenes with an allocation from its budget to maintain what has been called a privilege for about half of the employees.

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