does online dating work? Without a doubt, In the event that You Accomplish Them Correct

As soon as I registered without photos, I was inundated with messages. Obviously after two answers I had to pay and, even if I was suspicious, I paid 20 €, just out of curiosity. I got the strangest proposals but the answers of all were

very similar, they used the same terms, they seemed prepared at the table or pre-set and, strangely, they did not refer to what I had told in the previous message, always keeping on the generic in an impersonal way. At that point I became more determined and wrote to everyone by sending my email and asking to contact me in private. I sent about twenty messages with about 6/7 women on which I focused and all gave the same or very similar answer, avoiding private contact and inviting me to stay in chat to “get to know each other better”.

I am more than convinced that they are all fake paid to keep you chats and get you paid.

In the end, however, you paid 20 euros, in one way or another you fell into their trap …

multiply 20 euros by thousands of users and see how much money they are, people I know see people spend thousands of euros on it and they don’t give a damn, a guy contacted a customer, this customer then complained about it in chat and continued to write paying, in the end it would seem that it is a kind of drug, because + on badoo, tinder and elsewhere they are blocked, who trims them, of course, as soon as they enter them receiving 200 fake messages, they feel wanted, which is impossible for them in everyone’s life the days.

yes, you are right, 20 euros were paid out of pure curiosity, a bit like the biscuit factories that change the packaging twice a year to convince you that it is a new product and … out of curiosity, you buy it to taste it. let’s say that after the first experience, out of curiosity, we stop as if at the end of a theatrical performance. honestly I enjoyed reading the texts combined with the photographs and for me the shopping was worth the laughs I had.

I agree with what you say, we must not trust dear men of this site, we just know women in person.

I, on the other hand, on ifilrts had 50 free credits and theoretically after two messages, they scaled all 50 credits without ever meeting a woman from Ascoli Piceno to meet her, to get to know her to fuck, after you have to buy the credits you have to pay with your card. credit etc and I’m looking for a site where everything is free like bakeca dating, do you know anything about which site I can enter to find non-mercenary Italian girls and women who have a lot of desire to fuck?

Men still haven’t figured out that all the online dating sites are just scams or blackmail!

Plus men still haven’t figured out that they have to pay for these scam online dating sites if they’re okay with women who are antisocial freaks and dumb and deranged exhibitionists!

Men don’t have to sign up for online dating sites or agree to pay to get scammed!

1) All the good reviews they will find on the internet about safe online dating sites are all fake reviews (they are fake advertising news).

2) Men should be advised that all online dating sites are all paid and all are scams!

On the other hand, the men scammed by these sites are all behaving like illiterate and boastful cowards!

It is now 18 years (2001) that as a private citizen of San Tommaso I have registered here and there in all the dating sites I find online!

I have obviously signed up for these 18 years of dating or blackmail scam sites that I find online using names, surnames, social security numbers, addresses, completely fake created ad hoc.

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