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After your pictures, this text is the most important thing about your profile. The first important point here is length. I’ll tell you one thing: the shorter and more concise your profile description, the better it is. Be brief. 1-2 sentences are completely sufficient.

Now we come to the content of your profile description. I will not give you any specific examples on this point. They follow later in the third point.

I recommend that you do not include any facts about yourself in your profile description. Many so-called “experts” recommend writing a personal description so that the woman can find out who you are. This is nonsense. Do not write anything about your character traits, your hobbies, your profession or your goals. That won’t do you any good. You have to communicate these things with your pictures. Women need to see these things with their own eyes. Simply telling them directly from your profile description is very ineffective. So remember: Your description does not contain any direct information about you!

Instead, be mysterious and naughty. The art is to indirectly communicate to the woman that you are a confident and funny guy who doesn’t really take online dating seriously. Please do not try to show off your text either. Be completely natural and casual. Never forget: You are not registered there to get dates, just out of boredom!

You should also make sure that you do not express your feelings expressively. You have probably already heard that you shouldn’t write negative things in your profile. However, it is equally wrong to describe positive emotions. This is because it looks very feminine. Women always want to talk about their feelings. However, you are a man and if you want women to care about you, you should act like one too. If you want to know what qualities women really like in a man, this article from me is exactly what you need now.

Please also refrain from quotes that you know from series or films. A friend of mine once had the following saying as WhatsApp status:

Maybe you know him. It comes from the series “Game of Thrones”. It’s embarrassing and just makes you look ridiculous in the woman’s eyes. Please leave this out in the future.

The last tip of this point is: give women a reason to write to you. Every man in online dating has a dream: that a woman will write to him on her own initiative. Unfortunately, that hardly ever happens. This is not because men in online dating would never be attractive to women, but because of their social conditioning and the socio-ethical views of our society.

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